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Spotlight Sundays - Re:plenish

This week we are highlighting Re:plenish
Here is Meghann & Karine’s story!

“The idea for Re:Plenish came about as a reaction to the waste that we saw ourselves creating in our every day lives. We had both shopped at other eco friendly stores and did a little bit of refilling but we struggled to find somewhere that had everything we needed in one place, and a lot of items we were looking for were only available online. Within a few months of having the idea for the store we opened as a weekend pop-up in the back of an industrial warehouse.
We were working our full time jobs for the first few months of having the pop-up and during that time we saved up money to eventually move into a permanent  location. Obviously the pandemic threw a wrench into those plans and from the end of March until the middle of June we did local deliveries every day as we continued to grow our business. We moved into our permanent storefront on July 18 and we have been operating as a full time store since. 
As for as our philosophy and values, we feel very strongly about being a true local business. We do our best to carry local products and to engage with our community. Making the move to refilling and using zero waste products can be daunting and we want our space to be accessible and friendly towards absolutely anyone who wants to start that journey.”

If you’re ever in the Ritchie area and in need of some sustainable essentials go and say hi and don’t forget to take your empty containers!