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Spotlight Sundays - Jar'd Mercantile

Jar'd combines Katherine's love of the historical charm found in re-purposed general stores and her new passion for trying to keep the earth as healthy as possible.  

Throughout history Mercantiles were a store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise.
Many stores would have sourced local products that would have been sold in bulk quantities with customers taking as little or as much as they needed at that time. There also was very little packaging being used, and any there was would have been re-usable (think cloth, paper, and glass).
Mercantiles were also a place of gathering where you could hear the latest gossip, have a cup of coffee around the wood stove and say hi to your neighbours. In Jar’d mercantile you'll find exactly that!

Katherine the owner of Jar'd Mercantile's mission is to provide a comfortable, enjoyable shopping experience where you can trust that each product has been sourced responsibly in how it was made and packaged. To reduce the amount of single use plastic and other packaging that is used for food and home goods. To educate the public on ways to reduce their environmental impact through making changes in the way goods are purchased and to foster community spirit.

“My favourite Soap So Co soap is a tie between the Stripes and Transcend bars! My Team member Brittany’s favourite is Ethereal and Rose Quartz. We have trouble picking just 1!”