Soap So Co. is making a new kind of soap. We’re making artistically designed, handcrafted soaps that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. But most importantly we’re making soaps that are fun, without sacrificing quality.

The beautiful hand-crafted designs are colourful, textured and evocative, and the scents are delightful yet not overpowering.

“Artistic” soaps are often intended to be decorative rather than a usable product. Soap So Co. creates completely unique, artisanal soaps that not only look like decorative pieces but are quality soaps as well. Our visual design and fragrance pallets range from muted and calming to absolutely wild and adventurous.

Chill out with Lavender Dream or dust off your disco suit and get the party started with Glow! It’s been too long since we all took a disco break.

How it all Started!


We were chilling out at home, through boredom we were browsing through the internet and came across a soap making video tutorial, and thought that it looked really fun. So we decided to order a basic melt and pour starter kit and started making soap to get through our boredom.

Q & A with the founders

Ian - Sir Ian McKellen

Keiron - Kathy Burke

Ian - Bob's Burgers, Gimme Gimme Gimme, The Royle Family, Ozark and  Westworld.

Keiron - Bob's Burgers, Ru-Paul’s Drag Race, The Mandolorian, South Park and The Office (US)

Ian - Saved by the Bell

Keiron - Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ian - Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Hans zimmer, Aly & Fila 

Keiron - Chic, Fugees, Elton John, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Honey Dijon

Ian - Peter Cetera - (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight

Keiron - Tina Turner - Proud Mary

Ian - To make Dreams, to use Beach Breeze!

Keiron - To make Energized, to use Bonbon!

Ian - Takeout Junkie

Keiron - Smoking, Drinking & Sunbathing (Simultaneously)

Ian - OOOOH yeah!

Keiron - Hell No!

Ian - Implementing our current packaging.

Keiron - The move from our home kitchen to our shared production space in South Edmonton in 2020, the timing couldn't have been more perfect!

Ian - Jamaica, lover of the beach. Don’t tan well but great at the bar with a Dirty Banana!

Portland, every conceivable cocktail bar you can imagine!

Keiron - Berlin, dancing til I drop and soaking up the atmosphere of its old charm.

Seattle, very welcoming community and by the ocean!

Ian - Panama, Central America

Keiron - Montreal, Quebec

Ian - The Matrix, Man on Fire, Superman The Movie, Mrs Doubtfire and Watchman (Directors Cut).

Keiron - Austin Powers Gold Member, The Hateful Eight, Parasite, White Chicks and The Help

Ian - To Fly

Keiron - Teleportation

Ian - Fish n Chips with mushy peas from the Chippy! With a side of Warburtons bread, Lurpak butter and chip shop curry sauce. Ooooh and don’t forget the scraps and salt & Vinegar!

Keiron - The North Yorkshire Moors, Ocean air and the dry/sarcastic British sense of humor.

Ian - Hmm my favorite would be the anticipation of cutting a new bar design, my least would be anything to do with paperwork.

Keiron - My favorite would be getting to meet so many amazing people in the community and building our community, my least would have to be pot washing!